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1 to 1 Coaching

Private coaching not only provides anonymity to clients, it is also able to cater to unique needs and challenges faced by individuals. This enables a safe and focused space for clients to seek aid in areas they wish to get handled without external influences.

Focusing particularly on the individual’s needs, we take elements from all aspects of the other courses and bring forward in accordance with the individual’s knowledge and expectations.

Why group coaching?

Other than using a collaborative group learning environment where everyone can learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections. The course involves a number of role-playing exercises to understand from perspectives of both genders, group psychology as well as the impact and importance of various types of communication.

The group workshop consists of 3 stages, each stage would touch on different topics as they
are catered for individuals with different needs and expectations. The stages are built one after another, as the introduction would serve as a foundation for the Intermediate which also serves as a foundation for the Advanced workshop.

Build a community as well as demonstrating that we (as men) are not alone in the struggles of modern dating. It is a safe group environment whereby we exchange ideas and engage in
exercises with each other to explore new ways in dating for the modern man.

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