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Chia Wei

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Course Description

Each Saturday at 9pm (GMT+8)

This online course focuses directly on Men Singapore’s dating scene which summarises the essentials of modern dating. 

It gives the overview of the dating scene and how modern day courtship is done. The course covers the history of human courtship, what modern women are seeking in their potential mate and what men can do to be attractive.

This webinar gives audiences a free space to ask questions and receive real-time feedback. 

What you will learn


Online Introduction Webinar

Since Darwin’s theory of evolution, the term ‘sexual selection’ has made tremendous growth in the last century. We look into depth what was discovered in the science of attraction between males and females.

With modern advances in technology and rapid changes in culture. The dating scene has changed significantly to how it was a couple of decades ago. The way we show interest, to the way we text one another are some of the ways courting is done differently.

Humans are social creatures. Emotions are a core component of our lives. One can argue that people can go about their entire lives making decisions based on their emotions. The first step is to understand where these emotions come from, and then find ways to evoke positive emotions onto others.

The word ‘introspective’ is commonly used. It is the way of looking at ourselves from a third-person-perspective. Most of the things we say and do is ‘who we are’, but having the awareness of knowing how these elements can affect others would help us alter ways to improve the ways in which we are perceived.

There is a place and time for saying and doing things. Here we explore the step-by-step process of courtship, by understanding when it is appropriate to say things or to move the communication to the ‘next level’ of intimacy.

Texting is also an integral part in our courtship process. Communication through texting is so common that it has weaved itself into our ‘dating’ process and also the way we communicate whilst in a relationship. Here we explore some common tips on how we can text with charisma.

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