Dating is more than just tricks and techniques. Learn modern ways of attraction, and start building meaningful relationships.

The rules of dating have changed.

The advent of technology has changed the game, and many romantic gestures of the past simply don’t work anymore.

In the face of rejection, many of us are left feeling discouraged, confused and lost.
Those who turn to online solutions often find the tips generic, and wholly ineffective.

There are 2 main reasons why this is happening to men

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That Goes In-Depth On Some Of The Challenges Faced In Modern Dating.

It's time for a breakthrough.

Welcome to modern dating for the modern man.

In the West, renowned dating and relationship coaches have been making huge positive impact. So we learnt from the best there is, and re-engineered the approach for the Asian man.



Our proprietary modern-day attraction system designed to transform your mindset, and help you become a more attractive partner. From learning how to text to creating an attractive online profile, we will guide you on the best practices of modern dating.






Our Attraction “C”eries is built upon 5 Cs: Charm, Charisma, Confidence, Communication and Connection.

With these 5 Cs, we will delve into the psychology of human interaction, and the techniques that a modern-day man needs to be confident and successful.

Tapping into neuro linguistics programming (NLP) coaching & counselling, we will help you understand the rules of modern dating, and unravel the secret to building meaningful relationships.

Group Workshops

We conduct group workshops to bring about cohesion in this space. Using a collaborative group learning environment where everyone can learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections. The course involves a number of role-playing exercises to understand from perspectives of both genders, group psychology as well as the impact and importance of various types of communication. 

Private Consults

We also provide a 1-to-1 consultation for individuals who would like to be more anonymous. Whereby we would pair clients with an attraction coach who would then aid them with a more ‘focused’ approach. This helps clients with key issues that they wish to address as well as very specific actionable steps to be taken. 

Who Would Benefits the Most?

Contrary to popular belief, quality men who want to have lasting relationships with the lady of their dreams would benefit most from the courses offered at CGull.

We work best with men who have tried and tested different ways and techniques to get their love life off the ground as well as men who have difficulty approaching women, getting a second date or meeting the type of woman they could introduce to their mom or being in a long-term relationship.

It's time for a breakthrough.

Here's why CGull coaching is different

CGull doesn’t just provide clients with just techniques and tricks. We go in-depth to the psychology of human interactions, drives and motivation of attraction to really help men understand how this attraction system works. We offer processes, bring up concepts, innovate ways of thinking to aid our clients.

Equipped with modern techniques in psychology, Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), coaching and counselling, we also guide clients through tough questions and limiting beliefs to really help propel them to bring out their ideal self.

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