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master the art of texting with our ultimate guidebook


Having good grammar, spelling and punctuation is not that hard as most apps or platforms have an in-built grammar check


Calibrate the weight of the conversation and watch who is contributing more and who is contributing less. There are ways to slow down and let her fill her end of the conversation


We have a side or personality we lean more towards. And it is alright to convey who you are to people


A conversation should be 2-sided and a balance between both people. But there are times whereby we do feel that we are bearing the weight of the conversation


Spamming not only makes you look desperate, but also irritating to the other person. Keep your texts in one massive chunk if need be


There is nothing worse than trying to force a dead conversation. Sometimes there are just nothing to say or the conversation would run dry. This is why openers are useful


We are busy people. Though we would like to keep the conversation going, life can get in the way. There is an art in pausing the conversation whereby it does not drain her (or you) whilst conversing online

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