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Chia Wei

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    1-2-1 Consultation

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Consultation description

Everybody needs someone who can listen to you. A listener without judgement, understand and maybe become the tool for finding a solution. And especially in dating and relationship, it is a complex issue in the modern era. 

At CGull, we understand that everyone is at different paces of their dating and relationship career. Therefore,  this consultation serves as a platform to better understand your needs and goals. We aim to identify your main challenge and provide instant actionable steps to help you achieve what you want. 

This service provides information of the dating scene and how modern day courtship is done. The consult can vary in topics pertaining from the introduction course, Intermediate course or even the Advanced courses dependent on the concerns or questions raised during the session.

This consultation provides a free space to ask questions and receive real-time feedback. The consultation provides confidential support. This means that everything you discuss with the representative is private, between you and the representative.  

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