CGull Attraction Intermediate Workshop
(Attract, Not Hunt)


Chia Wei

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    Group Workshop

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Course Description

This is the sequel to the introduction course. Here, the course covers the mindset required in the dating scene. The intermediate course sheds the need for pickup lines, routines or dress codes, as a man can be attractive with just his attitude and outlook of life. Instead of hunting, this intermediate course allows men to be attractive regardless of whatever he does.

In dating, it is not about the things you do or say that matters, it is about being ‘who you are’. ‘What we can perceive, we can achieve’, is a common phrase in the self-development world. But sometimes our inner monologue tells us we are not good enough and hinders us from
moving ahead.

The intermediate workshop includes segments of Neurolinguistics programming, coaching, and understanding of social behaviour. This course utilizes techniques to reframe our thoughts and beliefs to explore ways to improve ‘who we are’ from its core. Equipping men with the right frame-of-mind and allowing their ‘true self’ show in the dating scene. Unreliant on techniques, canned speeches or physical appearances, this course equips you with deeper knowledge and understanding that whatever you do can build attraction.

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