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The secret to a fulfilling relationship lies within you!
With the right mentor, you’ll be able to unlock your inner confidence, and become a more attractive partner.

CGull was specially designed to meet the needs of today’s men. We’re Singapore’s first male-focused relationship coaching centre, equipped with a modern-day attraction system to help you understand and charm the woman of your dreams.

True love is now within reach

In the West, renowned dating and relationship coaches have been making huge positive impact. So we learnt from the best there is, and re-engineered the approach for the Asian man.

CGULL's attraction “C”ERIES

Our proprietary modern-day attraction system designed to transform your mindset, and help you become a more attractive partner. From learning how to text to creating an attractive online profile, we will guide you on the best practices of modern dating.

Our Attraction “C”eries is built upon 5 Cs:
Charm, Charisma, Confidence, Communication and Connection

With these 5 Cs, we will delve into the psychology of human interaction, and the techniques that a modern-day man needs to be confident and successful.

Tapping into neuro linguistics programming (NLP) coaching & counselling, we will help you understand the rules of modern dating, and unravel the secret to building meaningful relationships.


Charm is a subjective quality that can be hard to define, but generally refers to an attractive, appealing or pleasing quality that makes someone more likable or attractive.


Charisma is a quality that some people possess that makes them highly attractive, engaging, and persuasive. It's a type of charm or magnetism that can make people feel drawn to a person and interested in what they have to say or do.


Confidence is attractive when it is paired with a positive attitude and a friendly demeanor. When you have confidence, you are more likely to appear comfortable and secure in your own skin, which can be a major turn-on for many people.


Communication is a crucial element of any successful relationship, including dating. When a man is dating a woman, it's important that he communicates effectively in order to build a strong connection with her.


Building a connection with a woman means creating a sense of closeness and understanding between the two of you. It involves establishing a level of trust and intimacy, and finding common ground to build upon. 

What you can do today

Join us in our courses!

1 To 1 Coaching

Private coaching not only provides anonymity to clients, it is also able to cater to unique needs and challenges faced by individuals. This enables a safe and focused space for clients to seek aid in areas they wish to get handled without external influences.

Introduction Workshop

This course focuses on the core essentials of dating. It gives the overview of the dating scene and how modern day courtship is done. The course covers the history of human courtship, what modern women are seeking in their potential mate and what men can do to be attractive

Intermediate Workshop

This is the sequel to the introduction course. Here, the course covers the mindset required in the dating scene. The intermediate course sheds the need for pickup lines, routines or dress codes, as a man can be attractive with just his attitude and outlook of life.

Mastery Workshop

The Mastery course is the sequel to the intermediate course. This course aims to rally men who have mastery in the subject of ‘being a man’. Here, we cover meta topics in modern day upbringings, striving to develop mentors to serve as a beacon of light for others.

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Chia Wei Goh

CGull Founder

More from Our founder

Get trained by our Expert Team with years of experience

Having spent the last decade learning from professionals from around the world, Chia Wei has brought the information and knowledge to help men build confidence, charisma and charm.

Using methodologies and techniques found in modern day dating and psychology, he has come up with concepts and processes to aid men in the dating arena. Working closely with his clients, Chia Wei inspires them deeply to be the best version of themselves and rounds their rough edges. He engages them with humor as well as deep learning conversations that stimulate thought and critical reflection.

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