CGull Dating to Intimate Relationships Essentials


Chia Wei

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CGull’s Dating To Intimate Relationships Essentials Guide to Become More Attractive to People Who Will Love You for Who You Are. Transform First Dates Into Intimate Relationships – Online & In-Person.

If you want to go from dating to intimate relationships, helping you experience a true connection with someone, this relationship-building course is for you. You can expect science-backed research, actionable tips, and direct access to me and my community to help you every step of the way.

This course will cover everything from crafting attractive dating profiles, identifying your ideal partner, increasing your dating confidence, tips to meet people online & in-person, learning what to do from meeting a woman onlinechallenging limiting beliefs, to building trust with her, and so much more. The whole concept of this course is built around finding what works for you according to your personality style and preferences.

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