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With our array of well crafted courses and teaching modules, CGULL aims to help you strengthen your Emotional Intelligence, along with changing your mindset, learning to recognize social cues, signs of attraction and thereby transforming your life!


Private coaching not only provides anonymity to clients, it is also able to cater to unique needs and challenges faced by individuals. This enables a safe and focused space for clients to seek aid in areas they wish to get handled without external influences.

Introduction Workshop

This course focuses on the core essentials of dating. Giving the overview of the dating scene and how modern day courtship is done. We cover the history of human courtship, what modern women are seeking in their potential mate and what men can do to be attractive

Intermediate Workshop

The sequel to the introduction course. Here, the course covers the mindset required in the dating scene. The intermediate course sheds the need for pickup lines, routines or dress codes, as a man can be attractive with just his attitude and outlook of life.

Mastery Workshop

The Mastery course is the sequel to the intermediate course. This course aims to rally men who have mastery in the subject of ‘being a man’. Here, we cover meta topics in modern day upbringings, striving to develop mentors to serve as a beacon of light for others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age would be 21 years old. As topics such as sex, ethics and controversial matters would be discussed. It is necessary that the individual has legal ownership over their own thoughts and actions.

DEFINITELY! Our courses are catered specifically to dating and attraction. We focus specifically on getting you your first date to getting into a relationship with a partner.

In pick-up courses, it operates mostly on your appearances and techniques. Some would even bring you out to ‘pick up’ on people. But in CGull, we do not focus on pick up (we do use some tricks from that scene), but rather we focus on attraction. We would touch on the science of attraction, how it works, to how we can manifest attraction in ourselves.

No we do not provide street pickup. Most western teachings would employ such methods, but in Singapore it has been proven not to be successful. We do have articles and courses where we talk about where we can head out to meet new people, do check them out.

Absolutely! At CGull, we take your privacy very importantly. We guarantee never to use your details or anything you say without getting your permission first.

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