CGull Attraction Introduction Workshop
(What Women want in a man)


Chia Wei

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Course Description

This course focuses on the core essentials of dating. It gives the overview of the dating scene and how modern day courtship is done. The course covers the history of human courtship, what modern women are seeking in their potential mate and what men can do to be attractive.

To most men, dating is a toll road. We serve, pay and risk rejection. Yet, reward is not a guarantee, sometimes doing so puts us in the ‘friend zone’. The introductory course explores the history of courtship and how ‘attraction’ has come to be. 

We help unveil the idea of masculinity, traditions, sexual selection and courtship rituals. Learn about our behaviour, cultural pre-programmed responses to our inner monologues and what we can do to upgrade them. We will touch on modern techniques, etiquette and mindsets when approaching courtship and dating, from things such as where we can meet potential partners, building your bio on dating platforms, how to text, how to dress on a date to things to say and topics of interest (canned material) to discuss on dates. 

What you will learn


Section-1: Introduction

What it means to be a man?

In this section we address the history of man and how societies throughout history and cultures have evolved the definition of ‘man’. We also address how our modern society sees ‘man’ and what is to be expected of a mature modern male.

Sexual selection

Since Darwin’s theory of evolution, the term ‘sexual selection’ has made tremendous growth in the last century. We will understand how humans ‘display court’ and modern day attraction rituals.

Failure to Launch

Failure to launch is a common term used in male development. It is common across most cultures and it exists in our modern society. We learn how certain rites of passage is important to the development of the modern male psyche.

What is marriage?

The main objective of attraction is to obtain a mate. And in our human culture, the end goal is to be bound to marriage. In this section we dwell deep into understanding the need of marriage and what modern females look for in a potential mate.

Your Sexual Ornament

In most animals such as peacocks, males possess a sexual ornament to display court and attract mates. We explore what this ornament is for humans and what we can do to utilize it to its full potential.

Section-2: Inner Game

Your magic Wand

Emotions spread, this is part of being human. But being in control of our emotions allows us to radiate positive emotions to others. Here, we learn how emotions are conveyed and how we can take charge of them to influence others positively.

Your Programming

Our past doesn’t have to define who we are. But most of us grasp on to the beliefs, drives, dreams and social practices that are imposed upon us since childhood. We explore where these patterns of beliefs come from and what we can do to tweak what is useful to us and remove what is not.

Build a happy Single Life

We generally don’t like being around negative people, and sometimes these people are energy vampires. In this section, we learn how we can be a person who is comfortable in our own skin and filling our lives with meaning and passion.

Her perspective

Attractive women get hit on a lot by guys. These guys can be people they already know or random strangers. Women can pick up these subtle queues really quickly and can really be turned off when all a guy wants is to ‘get in their pants’. We explore how it is to be an attractive woman in modern societies and what it must be like to be like them.

Being the Nucleus of the group

Status is a core component of human relationships. We all look to others for attention and adoration. But in every social circle, there is always a ringleader. Understanding what everyone yearns for in a group and having the ability to provide it is essential for an adult man.

Section-3: Outer Game

The attraction sequence

There are steps and sequences to attraction. Just like baking a cake, there are step by step processes that govern attraction. Most of us know elements of what to do, but by making these ‘moves’ in the inappropriate time can jeopardize the entire process. We learn what the steps are and what are the sequences to apply them.

Building your persona

Everyone has their unique personality. Introverted, extroverted, classy or humorous. In this section, we aim to develop each individual’s key character trait and let that radiate towards others.

Where to Engage

In today’s environment, the dating scene has matured. We explore options such as street-pick up to dating apps. And with each platform available, we aim to put our best foot forward to be able to engage others.

How to engage

There are essential steps and processes required to dating. Here, we explore ways of modern day texting, dressing to places to bring the partner out on dates. We discuss detailed elements such as fashion to texting etiquettes.

The Date

The most important phase of the attraction process. Here, we address topics to talk about on dates, how to converse, subtle body languages and elements to look out for on dates. Every step before this is crucial as they all lead up to the date.

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