Attraction can be switched on

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Attraction is something that Nature switches on for you when you reach puberty. But it’s only that one time that Nature does it for you. After that, switching it off or on again is in your hand.

When puberty hits children, there are a lot of changes they go through both in body and mind. While hair starts growing in places other than the head, the mind becomes intensely conscious of the body and its image. The adolescent gives self-image primary importance.

The girls start looking after their bodies, wearing pink bras under white tops, tucking out their shirts in school and getting into trouble, experimenting with hairstyles, while complexion is meticulously taken care of. The boys start immersing themselves in music and art. Learning to play the guitar suddenly becomes a necessity. This is when their attraction has been biologically switched on.

At times, mostly with girls, awareness of the body gets overpowering, and in trying to maintain a weight that would not lose its attraction, they may turn anorexic, bulimic, or become binge eaters, posing a huge social problem that is medically more serious than most can imagine.

Either way, it becomes all about trying to keep the attraction switched on. This might be a subconscious thing to the individual, but it is very apparent to the opposite gender. These behavioural patterns continue through puberty and then into young adulthood. People get attracted to each other, and long or short sexual relationships become part of their lives.

It is then that some people switch off their attraction deliberately. It is now in their hands, to control. They become complacent in their relationships, and no longer bother about their self-image. They feel that they no longer need to work hard to remain attractive to the person who loves them, and start taking the relationship for granted. What they don’t realise is that sexual attraction is a very important thing in keeping relationships alive. They start to not give importance to the very things that got the partner attracted to them in the first place.

Then you start hearing from the couple how the relationship was not the same any more. How somewhere along the line it lost its spark. You hear complaints about how one of them is not the same person they fell in love with any more. And it’s not a coincidence that at least one of the two shall have gained weight, grown a beer belly, stopped using make up, stopped making the effort of choosing and wearing nice clothes, stopped wearing perfumes and so on.

These are the people who have switched off their attraction. Mostly unknowingly. At a subconscious level. Their language becomes rougher, their social skills take a back seat, their depression is infectious, and they start to ‘suck-in’ energy from the room rather than radiate energy into it. This is a very common occurrence through all cultures, happening to people at different times in their lives with different levels of severity.

Then there are the others who never switch off their attraction. They take good care of their looks, their hygiene, their mental and physical health, all their life.

Also there are those who had switched off their attraction, and then realised what they had done, and chose to switch it on back again. They chose to display their attraction.

You have the power to consciously switch your attraction on or off. The realisation that this can be done even at a conscious level is very necessary.

It is very necessary to keep your attraction switched on. It is your in your hands. Know it. Do it.

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