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Our webinars are held on Google Meets. The link for the webinar will be indicated in your email. To have the best viewing experience, we recommend that you have the following:

- If you are logging in or using Google Meets for the first time on your computer, you may need to install an extension for Google Meets.
- If you are logging in from a mobile or tablet device, you will need to have the Google Meets app installed. 

The link is provided on your email that you should receive momentarily after your booking. You may use the email to add this event to your calendar.
You may use this URL link to access the call at the time of the meeting.  Please ensure the safekeeping of the URL link to prevent any unauthorised access.
We recommend attending the webinar from a desktop computer or laptop with the Chrome browser for the best viewing experience. Do check if your microphone and camera are working properly before the session. And if possible, do enter the session by clicking on the URL link 10 minutes before your scheduled time and we promise you will not be disappointed. And finally, do come to the session with an open mind.

For Courses And Consults​

The location of our courses and consults may vary from time to time. The location of the session would be indicated in the email that you had just received. Here are some things to keep in mind to prepare for the consult or course:

Have an open mind when attending the event. As some topics discussed may challenge cultural beliefs, traditions or religious views. Do keep in mind all topics discussed are not intended to offend and are for sharing purposes. 

We provide a safe space in our workshops and consults, information that has been shared during the session would not be disclosed to any member of the public without consent. 

Be patient with the other members in the course. As everyone learns differently, at different phases in their lives and have different objectives that they wish to achieve.  We hope to have a collaborative group learning environment where everyone can learn from the insights and contributions of peers, as they do from their own reflections. 

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