10 Rules of Texting On "When Not To Text?"

10 Rules of Texting On “When Not To Text?”

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In the realm of dating, texting has become our go-to for staying connected. It’s quick, convenient, and lets us keep the conversation going even when we’re miles apart. 

But hold up! 

Before you hit send on that next message, let’s talk about the “When NOT to Text” side of things.

Yes, there are moments in the dating world when pulling out your phone might not be the best move. 

Wondering what those are? Stick around as we dive into those!

The 10 Cardinal “When NOT to Text” Rules in Dating 

10 Rules of Texting On "When Not To Text?"

1. The Late Night Text

Ever felt the urge to send a heartfelt “thinking of you” at 2 AM? 

While your intentions might be pure, the timing could send the wrong message. Late-night texts can disrupt sleep or come off as inconsiderate. 

Unless you’ve both agreed that late-night messages are welcome, save those thoughts for the morning. 

It’s not just about what you say but when you say it.

2. The Heat of the Moment

Do you know how it feels when you’re really ticked off, and all you want to do is grab your phone and let it rip with a text? Yeah, we’ve all been there. 

But firing off a text when you’re boiling mad? Not the best move. It’s like walking through a minefield with your eyes closed. 

Those angry texts can blow up in your face, making things way worse and leaving you with a bunch of “I wish I hadn’t said that” regrets. 

So, what’s the game plan? Take a chill pill. Give yourself some time to cool down. Because once you hit send, there’s no turning back. Trust me, a little breather can save you a whole lot of trouble.

3. The Serious Stuff

Ever had one of those big, heart-to-heart convos over text and felt like something was off? That’s because texting just doesn’t cut it for the heavy stuff.

You know, like chatting about how you feel, where things are heading, or any of those big-deal topics. Texts miss out on all the important stuff like tone and body language, so it’s super easy to get the wrong end of the stick. 

Always save those conversations for face-to-face time. It’s when you’re actually with someone that you can truly get where they’re coming from and connect on a deeper level. 

Trust me, it makes a world of difference.

4. Under the Influence

Had a few drinks? Feeling a bit tipsy? That’s a red flag for texting. 

Alcohol can cloud your judgment, leading to texts you might regret in the morning. If you’re tempted to text after a few drinks, wait until you’re sober.

Your future self will thank you.

5. The Waiting Game

Expecting an immediate reply and sending follow-up texts when you don’t get one can create unnecessary stress.

People have busy lives, and not everyone can respond right away. Avoid texting when you’re in a state of impatience.

Give them some time, and they’ll get back to you when they can.

6. Vague Intentions 

Ever received a text that left you more confused than before? Avoid being the sender of such messages. 

Be clear and direct in your texts, especially when making plans or expressing feelings. 

Clarity reduces misunderstandings and keeps the conversation flowing smoothly.

7. Privacy Invasion 

Texting to check up on someone constantly or to monitor their whereabouts crosses a line. 

Trust and respect are crucial in any relationship. 

Use texting to build your connection, not to keep tabs on each other.

8. Dwelling on the Past

Bringing up old arguments or issues via text can reopen wounds and lead to unresolved conflicts. 

If you need to discuss something from the past, do it face-to-face, where you can address it constructively.

9. Playing Games

Texting should not be a platform for mind games or sending mixed signals. 

Be honest and straightforward in your communication. 

Playing games can lead to confusion and mistrust, which are poison to any budding relationship.

10. Emotional Overload 

Feeling overwhelmed, sad, or extremely upset?

Texting in an emotional whirlwind can lead to miscommunication and heightened tensions. Take time to process your feelings. 

Sometimes, a little space can make a big difference in understanding and resolving emotional issues.

Final Word

Navigating the “When NOT to Text” waters in the dating world isn’t about following a strict set of rules. It’s about understanding, respect, and communication. 

By being mindful of these “Rules of Texting,” you’re not just avoiding potential pitfalls; you’re also building a foundation for a relationship that values thoughtfulness and consideration. 

Remember, the goal of texting is to enhance your connection, not complicate it. 

So, the next time you’re about to send a text, take a moment to think: Is this the right time? Is it something better said in person? Your thoughtful approach to texting can make all the difference in nurturing a meaningful connection. 

And if you find yourself unsure about how to navigate the complex world of dating and communication, consider reaching out to a Cgull, who can offer personalized advice and strategies to help you build strong, meaningful connections. 

Happy texting!

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