Here’s How Men Can Spark a First Date Conversation (and Keep It Going!)

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If you are like most people, you too would be struggling to come up with topics to talk about on a first date. It is not easy to get the ball rolling and keep it going for an extended period of time.  

Starting a conversation on a first date is not as difficult as keeping it going. You want to have an engaging conversation that allows you and your partner to learn more about each other while still maintaining interest.

Before your date, think about what sort of questions might come up in conversation and have a few at the ready so that you don’t struggle for topics when they arise. You will also want to plan out how much personal information you are comfortable divulging during the course of your date so that you are not caught off guard.

Try some of these tips during your next first date to help you start a conversation and keep it going smoothly:

5 tips to keep a first date conversation going 

1. Open-ended questions for the win

Asking open-ended questions during your first date puts the focus on her, and allows you to be a good listener. It is also helpful in keeping the conversation going as you can continue the conversation based on what she had to say to your question.

The same is not the case with close-ended questions as they usually have one-word answers and can bring the conversation to a stop as there is nothing to pick up from the answers.  

2. Do not be judgemental

Going on a first date with a closed mind will not do you any favors. If you judge or pass any judgemental comments on anything she has to say, not only will your conversation hit a dead end, but it can also cause her to feel uncomfortable and offended.

Keep an open mind and respect her opinions, even try to understand her mindset. This will facilitate your conversation and will also make you come across as understanding.

3. Try not to overthink

If all you can think about is whether or not the date is going well, or what she thinks of you, you are not allowing yourself to be present in the moment. Overthinking preoccupies the mind, disallowing you to focus on what she has to say.

And through no fault of your own, you are finding yourself having to ask her to repeat what she said because your mind could not process what she just said. So, try to relax, keep your focus on her and give yourself into the conversation. You can have a much more engaging conversation if your mind is not preoccupied with other things.

4. Be up to date with current events

No matter how much you prepare, or how much effort you try to put in, there will be some moments of awkward silence during your first date. The first response of many people during an awkward silence will be to ask if they heard about new things that happened recently.

And in today’s world of social media, it is quite surprising if you are unaware of all the current happenings in the world. So, to avoid any more awkwardness, try to catch up on all the latest news so that you can come across as well read, and also continue your conversation based on what is trending. 

5. Keep the conversation light-hearted

First dates are tense enough as it is, at least the conversations don’t have to be. So, it will help to ease things up if you try to keep the atmosphere light and fun.

Include humorous topics, try not to take things too seriously and you will end up having a lot more fun. It also helps to avoid any negative or controversial topics altogether.

Light-hearted conversation topics will help ease the nervousness and lighten up the mood of both of you. This can help you have more prolonged conversations with each other.

What you say during a first date is important, but the way you say it is also as important. Because if you don’t portray yourself with confidence, no matter how good your conversation starters may be, they will not have as much of an impact.

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