Stay confident before girls

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It is basic nature for guys to try and impress girls. But it still needs confidence to take that step. There could be two probable reasons...

It is basic nature for guys to try and impress girls. But it still needs confidence to take that step. There could be two probable reasons:

First, when you do something to impress her, if you are unsure of yourself or too conscious of how you are doing it, you run the high risk of your efforts falling flat. The result may be exact opposite from what you were hoping. She may think you’re lame (unless you’re lucky enough to have found one of the rare women who find your failings endearing, but we’re not talking about luck here). You need the confidence to impress her without looking like you are trying too hard.

Secondly, confidence in itself is something that impresses girls without you even trying to do anything. It creates an air about you that makes you look like you are in charge, no matter what you do, consciously or subconsciously.

Do you find the confidence lacking when you are with the woman you want to impress? Two points, again, to ponder on.

One is the whole buzz about women empowerment. While the concept is noble, the effect it can have on guys can be too overpowering. A woman who decides for herself, takes care of her own needs, feels she does not necessarily need a guy to depend on, and aims to be the epitome of confidence herself, can be far too intimidating for a guy who is trying to muster confidence to impress women. A girl who strongly believes in only herself… and here you want her to believe in you!

The second is the whole idolization scenario. You want to impress a girl. it could be because you already have a huge crush on her and is blinded by your mental reconstruction of her perfection. In such a situation, you may seem servile, you may seem to grovel, you may like to do her bidding no matter what. In worst case scenario she will end up using you while making you feel even less worthy of her attention. In best case scenario, she will avoid you altogether.

So what do you do to build on your confidence? You guessed it. The magic figure of two comes to the rescue.

Firmly believe that the woman before you, empowered, liberated, or not, is a human being just like you. She has human needs, desires, feelings, weaknesses, fears and insecurities too. So, see her as she is. Humanize her. Let intimidation be replaced by respect. Let idolization be replaced by personalization. You will then realize that you are no less than her. And that is confidence. It will show. And she will see it.

Build on your whole personality instead of just the confidence-to-impress bit. It is commonly said that one is the average of one’s five closest friends. So, weed out the ones that pull you down. Go networking, meet new people, associate with the ones with abundant mind-sets, befriend those who lift others up along with themselves. Strike up conversations on topics where you can speak freely and confidently. Pick up on social skills. If you need more handholding, feel free to reach out to us.

Without even realizing it, you shall soon be a visibly confident person. Maybe visible enough to the lovely girl at the last party you went to, who you did not even try to impress!

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