Being ‘yourself’

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While having been encouraged to be yourselves almost all your lives, some of you, at one point, may realise that being so is not getting you anywhere in life, let alone even near about where you intend to go.

This is the time when you need to change a few things.

You have to realise that it is because of what you have done till now that has led to your current scenario. Every decision you have taken has affected every action that has followed. This has led to the missing of every opportunity that could have led you in the right direction. It has led to the making of every friend or foe who have advertently or inadvertently pushed you in the direction you are currently in.

When we say you must change, we don’t mean you change your ideologies, values, beliefs, opinions and convictions. We don’t mean to ask you to change who you essentially are as a person. That would be wrong, as well as impossible. 

What we ask you to do instead, is to change the way you manifest your personality. To change those aspects you choose to stress on.

For example, figure out the areas in which you are weak. And then locate the strength within yourself that can be developed to counter that.

Let us say you are an introvert. Then, all you need to do is work on your public speaking skills, through practice, study, and more practice. This way your strength as a public speaker completely eclipses the fact that you are an introvert.

Or let us assume you are physically weaker than average, whether because of your build or height or for whatever reason. Then all you need to do is build your mental strength to such extents that you are deemed a giant among men. Remember Napoleon Bonaparte? There are again techniques to go about doing that. Read self-help books, build your self-confidence, convince yourself first of your own mental strength. And it will show.

Basically, be yourself, but don’t settle for less than the best version of yourself. 

Polish your positive qualities instead of allowing your negative ones to overbear them. Do not hesitate to step out of your comfort zone. It is this one step that makes all the difference between wanting to get somewhere and ending up getting there.

Remember, excuses are just that. Excuses. 

Do not give them to others, but first and foremost do not give them to yourself. “It’s the way I am” is the worst defence you can use. There is always a better version of the way you can be. Be that. “That is just the way I have been doing it” will get you nowhere. You will be stuck, along with your excuse, to still not being able to achieve what you want because you will stick to doing it the way that has not worked for the best results. Drop that excuse and try out different ways of going about it to find one that works. “I’m just not good at that thing” can either be a decision you have taken to not achieve what you want to achieve, or a very bad excuse of not being able to achieve it. Find out how to get better at it. Ask. Learn. Be open to wanting to get good at it. Your set of excuses is like the security blanket inside your comfort zone. One which doesn’t let you explore your positive attributes. Discard it.

At the cost of repeating myself, be yourself. But be the best version of yourself. If you still feel you need someone to help you through the process, contact us.

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  1. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s
    equally educative and interesting,
    and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The issue is something which not
    enough men and women are speaking intelligently about.

    Now I’m very happy that I came across this during my search for something concerning

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