The Biggest Mistakes Men Make on Dating Apps

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make on Dating Apps

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A dating app can be a tricky maze, the starting point being you setting up your profile and the finish line being a loving and healthy relationship. Throughout the maze, you must make moves that will ensure you reach the finish line. A wrong move will get you blocked, away from the happy ending you deserve. 

Especially when you’re a guy amidst many on a dating app, looking for quality matches, you have to make the right moves to do so. To do that, you need to understand what you could have been doing wrong. Why don’t you get matches? Why matches that you get do they end up blocking you? 

This article will help you learn about the biggest mistakes you make on dating apps!

Unflattering photo

The first picture you post on your dating profile is the first thing a potential match will see. You need to make sure that you look approachable enough. Avoid pictures with you in sunglasses, hats, or masks. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Make sure your potential matches can see them. You want to look approachable and trustworthy. 

No bio 

Being the silent type only works for men in movies and books when, in real life, it just comes off as rude. Leaving your bio blank or using basic phrases displays a lack of effort and makes you look dull. 

Your potential matches will think you are lazy and incapable of being vulnerable. They will also believe that you lack personality and depth. You need to stand out from the competition, and you can only do that by being your true, unique self, not an average, cliche version of yourself. 

Generic opening line

The opening lines like ‘Hey,’ ‘How are you,’ and ‘What’s up’ are typical, dull, and rarely draw a response. It’s vital to show that you read your match’s profile. Form a bond through their profile. Engage them with praise, a question that prompts a response, or something that relates to her profile, and watch the conversation flow. You must show them that you are paying attention to them.

Using old photos 

While it can be tempting to post photos of you in your best years, your match may not appreciate it when you arrive at your date looking considerably older or different. It may seem cliche, but your attractiveness depends on being who you are, not what you were or will be. 

Try using photos taken within the span of the last two years or a period in which you most likely weighed the same or still look similar to what you did in the photo. 


Portraying something different online and showing up to your date as something different is a big red flag. Lying about your age, height, and other physical factors makes you a catfish. Everyone has a preference, and you must respect your match enough to tell them all the facts and let them decide if they want to take things to the next level. 

Aside from physical appearance, you must not lie about what you do, your relationship status, or what you want from your connection. 

No Variety 

Your dating profile should be a summary of who you are. It can be difficult to describe yourself in just five or six pictures, but it is better than posting just the photos from that hike you went on that one time or that party you attended. 

Bring variety into your profile. Show that you are both a fun-loving person and a classy one. Choose photos that show you all dolled up, dressed casually, joyful, active, and enjoying life.

Grammatical errors

While it’s normal to leave an error in a dating profile when you’re in a hurry, a potential match will notice. Likewise, it’s okay if you struggle with spelling and punctuation. However, we live in an era with tools to help us examine errors and improve our grammar. So make sure to make the most of these tools and have your grammar in place if you don’t want grammar nazis to look past you. 

If you’re looking to up your dating app game, take a look at the tips in this article. Online Dating: What To Do And What Not To Do

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