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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Texting While Dating

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A lot has changed since the days of waiting by the phone for your crush to call. Now, in the age of technology, texting has become an integral part of dating. It allows you to connect with someone when you’re not together and keeps the lines of communication open. 

While being a convenient way to stay in touch, it can also be a source of anxiety. Keeping up a good text conversation can be tricky if you’re constantly second-guessing yourself or sending long, rambling messages.

And if you can’t keep up, you may end up making your partner feel like you’re moving on. So, how can you keep up a good text conversation? Here are some dos and don’ts to help you keep things fresh!

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What You Should Do


A quick “How are you?” 

It’s always nice to check in with loved ones. However, a quick text can sometimes be the perfect way. Whether you’re interested in how someone’s day is going or want to show your support, a reader can brighten someone’s day and let them know you’re thinking of them. 

It doesn’t have to be anything long or complicated – sometimes a simple “how are you doing today?” can make all the difference. So next time you think of someone, why not send them a quick text? It might just make their day.

A compliment can go a long way

The best way to a person’s heart is often through compliments. Whether you tell them they look pretty, or like their personality, everyone appreciates being recognized for their positive qualities. 

And when you try to give compliments, it can also brighten your mood. It always feels good to spread positivity. So, try making a connection with your loved one with a compliment. You might just be surprised by how far it gets you.

 Outlet your emotions in a healthy way

Words are like arrows; they cannot be taken back once shot. In the heat of the moment, it is often easy to say something we regret later. In the age of instant communication, we now have the opportunity to think before we speak, or in this case, write. 

If you take a minute to cool down before responding, you’ll be able to think more clearly and find a way to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that you have the opportunity to draft, edit, and delete your response before you hit the “send” button. So always take some time to calm down, gather your thoughts, and then go ahead with your text.

What You Shouldn’t Do


Constantly being glued to our phones is not healthy

In our age of constant connectivity, it’s easy to assume that our partners will always be available to us, 24/7. But the truth is, it’s not healthy to be constantly glued to our phones or expect our partners to be. 

It is essential to stay connected, but it is also equally important to respect each other’s need for space. So if you know they’re busy and can’t respond immediately, maybe pick a different time you can set aside to give each other the attention you deserve.

Doing this can prevent little things from spiralling out of control and ruining relationships.

Completely ignore someone

Sometimes, it can be easy to neglect the people who are closest to us. We get caught up in our lives and forget to respond to texts. In any case, don’t let a few missed texts ruin a good thing.

Make sure to keep the lines of communication open by responding to your partner’s texts, even if it’s just a brief message. Let them know that you are still thinking of them and appreciate their attempts to stay in touch. 

Sending a text without proofreading

While texting is a quick and convenient way to stay in touch, it is also essential to be aware of the potential pitfalls. One of the most common problems with texting is the introduction of spelling and grammatical errors. 

These mistakes can be seen as a reflection of your intelligence and educational level, and they can turn off potential mates. Another problem that can occur when texting is using abbreviations and slang.

These shortcuts may be fine with friends, but not when communicating with someone you are trying to impress. So, before you hit send, take a moment to proofread your text and ensure that it conveys the message you want.

So, the bottom line of texting while dating is always respecting your date. If you want things to move forward, be respectful and mindful of the tone of your texts. Keep it light when you first start texting each other. Keep your text conversations with potential partners positive and healthy by being mindful of the aforementioned dos and don’ts.

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