Tips To Keep a Dating Conversation Going

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Have you ever been in a conversation with your date and things were going well, but then it died out? 

One of the main reasons for this is because people often run out of things to say. It can be difficult to keep a conversation going whether you are meeting someone for the first time, or have already been with them on a few dates.

When it comes to keeping a conversation interesting, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Sometimes you need to change the subject and sometimes you just need to be more direct. 

You want to ensure that both of you have a good time on your date so that there can be more dates along the way. With the following tips, you can have a better conversation with your date and keep the conversation flowing smoothly:

1. Be observant of their body language

In any conversation, it is important to understand the body language of the opposite person as body language is a major indicator of what a person is feeling, whether or not they may say it verbally.

During a conversation, if the body language of your date changes and they may look uncomfortable, it may be a good idea to change the topic of conversation and switch to a new one so that both of you can be comfortable and have a pleasant date that follows.

2. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is important for any conversation as you can express a lot through your eyes and when you do not maintain eye contact when talking to a person you are showing that you are either not interested in the conversation, or that you are not interested in the person you are having a conversation with. 

So, when you maintain proper eye contact during your conversation with your date, you are showing that you are interested in them, and in what they have to say.

 3. Stick to open-ended questions

Close-ended questions will add bumps to your conversation as it may lead to a lot of pauses in between. So, instead of asking closed-ended questions whose reply could only be a mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’, switch to asking open-ended questions that could carry your conversation even further.

 4. At the same time, limit asking too many questions

You do not want your date to feel like an interview, so it is better to avoid asking too many questions so that the conversation can be free-flowing and does not feel constricting.

5. Have some conversation starters ready just in case

It is always a good idea to have some conversation starters on hand in case you feel like you have absolutely run out of topics to talk about. 

You can find some amazing conversation starters here (backlink to article) that will help you save your conversation and turn it around for the better.

6. Listen more

A conversation is a two-way street and it does not help if one side goes on talking without giving the other person a chance to do so. When you are in a conversation with your date, encourage them to speak more and be a good listener. 

This creates a good impression on your date, and it makes them feel like their talks are being given importance.

7. Talk about mutual interests

Mutual interests are always the best way to keep a conversation going as both sides will have their own inputs and will have something to share regarding the same. 

Thanks to the internet, and the increasing amount of entertainment, it has now become very easy for people to have similar interests making it easier for dates to engross themselves in.

8. Avoid overly personal questions

During the initial stages of dating, the phase when you are still getting to know each other, it is better to avoid asking your date very personal questions as that could make them feel uncomfortable and they may not like it. 

Keep the conversation simple, yet include elements that could bring you closer without it feeling forced.

9. Tell an appropriate joke to break the silence

Humor is always a reliable option to break the uncomfortable silence and what better way to add a humorous component in the conversation than by telling a joke? 

However, make sure that the joke is clean, and does not include any dirty material as that could offend your date, and could lead to an uncomfortable scenario.

10. Embrace the silence as well

During your date, it is not necessary to converse constantly. You can enjoy silence together as well, provided that the setting is supportive of the silence. 

There can be some soothing music in the background, and you could simply bask in each other’s presence without having the need to speak at all.

In the end, a conversation is all about making a connection and getting closer to your date. The importance of communication can never be understated in any relationship. When you can make that emotional connection with your date or potential partner, they will be more likely to want to continue talking and see where things go from there. 

With CGull on your side, we know you can do just that! We have a team of experts who understand how important communication is in any relationship and are ready to help guide you along the way. Contact us today for better dating skills so you can keep those conversations going long-term with someone special!

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