Consider These 5 Things To Feel Confident On Your First Date

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Congratulations, you have taken the courage to ask someone special out there, and they’ve finally said yes! But here comes the tricky part, “organizing your first date.”

No matter how excited you are to meet someone new, it’s pretty common to experience some first-date nerves.  After all, meeting someone who could be the love of your life is something worth being nervous about. 

However, it’s also important to note that your nervousness shouldn’t be a barrier to your future date. So, to help you calm your nerves and alleviate your anxiety, we’ll share five confidence-boosting tips that can successfully set you up for a great date.

1. Calm yourself 

Do you know why first-date jitters cause a terrible adrenaline rush? It’s because we often turn up with set expectations and expect everything to go as planned. 

Our minds are so preoccupied with the future that we lose touch with the present moment, causing us to be nervous on our first date. So, instead of dwelling on what’s about to come, take your time to center yourself.

For example, try to listen to soothing music or go to the gym. This can help you become mindful and put you in a happy frame of mind.

Remember, staying confident on your first date is only possible with a positive mindset.

2. Prepare your conversation

The most nerve-wracking part of going on a first date is trying to have a smooth flow of conversation with someone you barely know. 

If you don’t have any conversation starters on hand, you may be forced to endure long, awkward pauses, which can ultimately numb your confidence and ruin your date.

So, to avoid that, it’s better to have a list of conversation starters beforehand. For example, try asking some light-hearted questions that provoke laughter and joy. 

Doing so can help you ignite an engaging conversation between you and your partner and prevent you from dealing with awkward silences.

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3. Laugh it off 

Despite having a great pitch ready to start a conversation, you may need more confidence in opening up to your partner. 

If so, how will you keep your date fresh and vibrant till the end? The simple act of laughing might help you achieve that. 

If any embarrassing moment strikes off during your date, don’t be afraid to laugh it off. Because doing that will make your partner follow your lead, you will immediately attain your comfort zone.

Remember, laughter is a key that can easily cover up your flaws, allowing you to bounce back with great confidence. 

So, ensure you use it whenever you get bogged down in a conversation.

4. Be yourself

This is your first date! You may want to be on your best behavior and strive hard to equate that with extra effort. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should also remember not to lose yourself in this process.  

Because if you start pretending to be something you aren’t, you’ll lose confidence in yourself and risk ruining your date. So, stay true to yourself, and your date will eventually appreciate you for being you!

5. Your date might feel the same

Feeling anxious to go on your first date? It’s perfectly normal! Let the butterflies flutter in your tummy, but be careful not to be a nervous wreck around your partner. 

It’s far easier said than done, right? No, not at all! 

You must know you aren’t the only one getting ready for this first date. The person next to you might be just as nervous as you, feeling the same way. 

So, keep this in mind, as this can help you stay relaxed and march off with increased confidence to show up as your best self.

First-date jitters aren’t bad, as they add a sense of hope and excitement to your life. Therefore, coping with nervousness before a date is more about managing the voices within than mastering anxiety. 

There are plenty of ways out there to keep your inner nerves calm. However, if you want to take the extra step in taking control of your dating life, your dating coach’s invaluable advice and guidance are worth considering!

So, make sure you find the best alternative to staying cool. We hope the above tips will help you take the edge off and shape a relaxed, confident mind for the fantastic evening ahead!

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