Types of Conversation Starters, and Where to Use Them

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How you start a conversation says a lot about you. Some people are naturals when it comes to starting conversations with others, and some people find it more difficult. We all know how tough it can be to start a conversation with someone. It is not easy finding the right words, and often you end up saying something that is too awkward or just doesn’t work at all. That’s where conversation starters come in!

For many men, meeting someone new can be difficult. Approaching a woman you don’t know can be even harder. However, it is important to be able to conversationally engage with others. Here are two types of conversation starters that should help get the ball rolling:

Conversation opener

A conversation opener is a predefined subject or topic that you can use to start an entirely new conversation with your date. It is when you strike up a new topic that could lead to an engaging conversation. A conversion opener may include asking about their personal life and interests, such as what are they most passionate about?  How did they spend their day? What is their favorite dish to cook? What are some of their favorite TV shows?

The goal of conversation starters is to start a conversation that leads to a completely new topic so that your discussion can continue from there. For example, if you open into a topic such as ‘have you ever thought of rock climbing?’ and she expressed interest or had done it before, and you continue talking about it, then this is a successful conversation opener. 

A conversation opener is perfect for getting to know your date on a more personal level. You can ask them about their life, their hobbies, or anything that comes to mind. This is a great way to learn more about each other.

Conversation openers are not always successful though, they could lead to dead-ends where your conversation could come to a halt. But with our list of perfect conversation starters, you can have long and engaging talks with your date without any roadblocks. 

Where to use conversation openers:

  • On the first date with someone, you have not met in person before. 
  • During online conversations on dating apps or social media, when both don’t know much about each other and their interests.
  • On a date with someone with whom you feel you have run out of topics to discuss.
  • To get to know someone on a deeper level, but you don’t know how to, conversation openers can give you the opportunity to do so. 

Conversation thread

A successful conversation opener can become a conversation thread, as you are continuing a previous conversation in another setting. In the previous example, since rock climbing is a topic that both can relate to, it is counted as a conversation thread.

The conversation thread is a topic that has already been discussed either from text messaging, dating apps, or previous physical conversations. Conversation threads allow you to pick up on topics you have already discussed before and continue on those. 

It’s safe, reliable, and won’t make either of you feel uncomfortable. It can give you some insight into your date’s interests. So if you are stuck on ideas, try talking about previously established topics since you know they were a success before.

For example, she might have brought up the idea of rock climbing because her friend performed it recently, so she wished to be like that friend. The thread is set – using this thread of conversation, you can find out if she has tried any form of rock climbing or where she wants to go rock climbing. These are open-ended forms of conversation that you can steer her towards.

Where to use conversation threads:

  • With a friend you already know (either in school or elsewhere), whom you are now dating. Conversation threads can help make sure that your conversations with your friend-turned-date stay engaging.

  • On the first date with someone you have known through online dating apps or social media for a while, and you can start a conversation based on a topic you have talked about before.

  • With someone you are on a second or third date with, where you have already established a communication chain with that person.

It’s no secret that conversation starters are an important part of any social interaction. But what many men don’t realize is just how important they can be when it comes to building relationships with women. It can help you to get to know someone better, and it can also help to keep a conversation going. There are many different ways to start a conversation, and the best way to find out what works best for you is to experiment.

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