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Selling Yourself Right

We have been selling things to others our entire lives. It might not be as blatant as selling a product or service. But we have been educating our ‘warm market’ on how good the product is, why everyone is doing it and why they should try it too.

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Earning Your Confidence

Confidence is not given, it is earned. And confidence can not be faked. It is an attribute whether you have

How to be calm on dates

This has been debated over and over again by many. And we get all kinds of responses from that. But

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Modern Day Dating

Just like it is an impossible task to explain the context of memes to grandparents, it is impossible to learn the art of dating from

Why She Likes Funny Guys

Across all languages, cultures and beliefs within humans, the 3 common ways of communicating are laughing, crying and screaming. These are innate systems in humans

Why Modern Women Go For Bad Boys

Who wants to be a ‘bad boy’? You should be… when it comes to dating today! Because that is what women dig big time. Sounds

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