Continuing Your Dating Conversation Online

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Online dating has some potential pitfalls compared to meeting people in real life, but the volume is much higher. That increases your chances that you’ll meet someone truly compatible with you.

Online dating is a practical way to date for the majority. 40% of people use online dating (source). Many people have found romantic partners and have had positive experiences with online platforms. As more and more people start to use online dating sites, there are bound to be people that have trouble conversing with individuals on these platforms.

Here are some basic tips to help you level up –

  1. Ask questions – It is never a bad idea to keep your partner talking. Make sure you ask her some light, simple questions to keep a conversation going on. The more she responds, the more ammunition you’ll have for the discussion. It does not hurt if her ego gets a flattering true story, even if it is a little bit out there.

    There are several ways to determine whether you have found the right match. When you ask too many questions, and they still have not asked a single one about your life, career aspirations, or family – it would not be wrong to say that this person may be self-absorbed, or not interested in knowing more about you.

    Keep it light-hearted; come up with a question that’s a little wacky and out of the ordinary. Make yourself stand out from the crowd, and you are bound to get a better response.

  2. Get your flirt on – There is no doubt that flirting is a good way to talk to someone. It makes us feel good, and can be fun. But when you are doing it online, there are things to keep in mind that you must proceed at a slower pace than usual. Be friendly and respectful, and not too eager to start talking – this can come across as aggressive and pushy.

    You have to start your flirting by being light and playful. One of the easiest ways is making a joke about something in her profile like, what she is wearing, how she dresses up for work, her pet dog or some quirky term used in her bio. 

  3. Be honest – One should always be honest. A lot of people lie on their online dating profiles to seem more interesting. Do not exaggerate or outright lie to make yourself look better when texting – it is going to be awkward if the two of you ever meet. It is okay to be vulnerable, as everyone has some human flaws – even her. It is one thing to be afraid about revealing your baggage, another completely different ball park to outright lie about yourself.

    Embrace your flaws. Maybe she may relate to them, too. Make fun of your shortcomings that the both of you can laugh at. Next thing you know, she will be sharing hers with you, which will make it easier for the two of you to open up more.

  4. Give compliments – If you want to make someone feel good, give them compliments. Everyone loves a compliment, especially if it is very specific. Take a look at their profile pictures and choose one to compliment them on (Other than her looks!). This shows her that you took the time to read their profile.

  5. Seal the date – Once you know a little more about her, it might be worth asking her to go with you on a date. Instead of putting out the question like an awkward guy, ask her out on a date and choose a time and place based on mutual interests. Never let the fear of rejection stop you from trying new things.

If you want to build confidence in your dating life and be irresistible – whether it’s finding a date or finding love, CGull can help you with it. Cgull provides online dating coaching and personalized advice.  We’ve got just what you need – here, check out our services, or contact us today!

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