First Date Tips That Will Help You Land a Second Date

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A first date is a turning point in dating life. Agreeing to go on a first date means you have taken the step to be more than friends. There are a lot of factors that are involved in a first date and based on how it goes, it can determine your future with your partner. 

You need to make sure that you have left a good impression on your date so that they can continue to go out with you. 

It is safe to say that there is a lot of pressure involved in a first date. Only a successful one can lead to a second date. But then, how do you make sure that your first date goes well?

Tips to land a second date

Listed below are some tips to keep in mind during your first date that can help you get a second one:

1. Do something fun for your first date 

Skip the conventional methods and do something fun and interactive for your first date. This shows your date that you are not boring, and are open to fun activities. 

You can also keep the location of your first date as a surprise and charm your date by showing that you think out of the box, and showing them that you have put a lot of thought into your first date.

2. Do not come off too strong

Things are going well, and you cannot believe how much fun you are having on your date. Your date seems to be the ideal person that you have been looking for, and everything is coming together. 

But wait, hold on to that excitement. You do not want to blurt out an immature “I love you” and ruin your chances of a second date! No matter how well things may be going, it is never a good idea to show that you are head over heels for someone on the first date itself.

3. Playfully hint at a second date

During your first date, casually slip in a conversation about “we should try this for our next date”. By doing this, you are not only showing your date that you are having fun at your current date, but are also showing that you want to see them again.

4. Show your date how fun it is to be with you 

During your date, you need to show your date how fun it is to be with you. Keep a smiling face, be interactive and show your fun side so that your date would want to continue to go out with you.

If you just sit and do not make any efforts to make the date interesting, then your date would not feel like meeting again as there is nothing exciting about the dates you go on. Engage in fun activities, be open to trying new things and see how that charms your date.

5. Follow up after a first date 

Playing hard to get is not a good idea if you want to land a second date. After your first date, do not wait too long to approach your date and ask them out again. 

If you are genuinely interested in someone, you would not want to hide it from them. Show them that you are not afraid to ask them out again, but yet do not call them the moment you reach home from your first date. 

Find a balance and wait maybe a day, a maximum of two, and go ahead to ask them out for your second date. 

There is a lot riding on a first date, and the pressure sure is real. The right date can lead to the second and third dates that could eventually turn into something more serious. By following these tips, you can get closer to achieving that second date. 

We have also compiled a list of dos and don’ts of a dating conversation to help ease the pressure off a little and help you have a smooth first date. 

Finally, dating is all about confidence. You need to be confident and believe in yourself so that you can have a successful dating life, and not a stressful one.  

If you find yourself struggling in the self-esteem department, or are just trying to find ways of getting out into the world and meeting new people, CGull has got all your needs covered.

We can give you tips on how to boost your confidence so that potential dates will take notice. Or we can help you overcome any social anxiety by providing 1-to-1 coaching sessions focused solely on helping you overcome these hurdles so that this moment becomes an opportunity rather than something uncomfortable.

Contact us today, and we can help you improve your dating life. 

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