How Can Shy Guys Act Confident Around Girls?

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Are you one of those guys who feels extremely shy and insecure around girls? 

Does the thought of flirting make your palms sweat, your heart rate increase, and your head feel foggy? 

Well, don’t beat yourself up! Feeling shy around the opposite sex is completely normal, according to a dating coach in Singapore. 

But what if you can shed your shyness and act confident? In fact, with the right attitude and some tricks up your sleeve, being confident around girls comes naturally. 

In this article, we’ll explore how shy guys can boost their self-confidence when approaching girls so they have better luck with romance.

So grab a cup of coffee, power up that laptop screen, sit back, and get ready!

How Can Shy Guys Act Confident Around Girls?

Be your own cheerleader

Are you frequently repeating negative comments to yourself in your mind?

If so, it will be difficult for you to ever feel truly confident, and it’ll make you believe that girls will not take an interest in you. 

Instead, create a mantra that focuses on the positives! 

For example, proclaim that you are fantastic, enjoy talking with everyone, and remind yourself that you have the potential to meet new people today. 

Dress to impress

You must wear clothing and style yourself in a way that makes you feel confident and proud of your appearance. 

You should never feel threatened by trends or other people’s style choices. Whatever outfits bring out the authentic “you” will be a hit. 

The proper clothing can boost self-esteem, as long as it feels pleasant to wear and you believe you look great.

Fake it until you make it

Imagine yourself at a social gathering when you spot someone who takes your breath away. 

The idea of approaching her can make your heart pound. Of course, you may feel some initial jitters, but don’t let that stop you. 

Take comfort in knowing that being nervous about something exciting is completely normal. Fear before taking action helps you build confidence, which only strengthens with time. 

So even if those nerves start flowing, fake that inner confidence until it eventually becomes natural for you.

Challenge yourself with achievable goals

Begin by introducing yourself to the girl you want to talk with. Then, take small steps and open up possibilities for future conversations. 

Also, don’t anticipate becoming fast friends if you haven’t even said hello. Again, building confidence is key here; speaking to multiple girls and engaging in conversations frequently will give you greater assurance when starting new interactions.

Maintain good body posture

Displaying open body language is a great way to express your confidence, grace, and control. 

Psychologists have found that an expansive posture conveys openness, which women find attractive in their potential partners (source). So always be mindful of how you stand and sit. 

Stand tall with your shoulders back and hold your head high with confidence. When seated, stay present and focused. Believe that anything is possible with the right attitude and outlook.

Unleash the power of your smile

A genuine smile has no rival when it comes to radiating positivity. It is a tell-tale sign of courage and confidence that can help you accomplish anything your heart desires. 

Every girl seeks out fun, confident men who are relaxed, so if this is the image you aim for, always remember to keep smiling.

With its warm charm, your friendly face will surely draw in people from all around, showcasing how approachable and composed you are.

Make sure to establish eye contact


The words you say will only take your communication so far. To make an impact, let the person know that they matter to you by making eye contact and using gestures as you do with your voice. 

This will help establish a connection beyond what mere expressions can convey, deepening your verbal exchange in ways that go beyond just talking.

Embrace your shyness openly and honestly

Don’t be afraid of your shyness when trying to connect with someone new. Instead, make it part of your charm! 

In fact, it’s an advantage because it attracts her attention and makes her feel closer to you. Let her know that you are working hard to conquer your shyness. 

Surprisingly, many girls find it incredibly attractive when guys are shy.

Live each moment to its fullest

Let go of any anxiety around the possible outcome of your dialogue; keeping yourself grounded in the present moment will allow for a far more natural exchange. 

Rather than trying to anticipate what lies ahead, focus on fully engaging with what is being discussed at this very instant, and it’ll make for an infinitely smoother conversation.

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With these strategies, start building the skills and knowledge you need to feel more confident around girls. Then, try different methods individually and find what works best for you. 

Lastly, don’t forget that confidence isn’t something that comes overnight; it takes time to develop, but if done correctly and consistently, it’s possible. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and show your authentic self. 

The best version of yourself will shine through!

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