Not Getting Swipes On Tinder Here's What To Do

Not Getting Swipes On Tinder? Here’s What To Do

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You’ve created your profile, set your standards, and patiently waited for the signal that you have a match.

But it’s been days, and you didn’t get any swipes!

If that’s the scenario, there are other things to fix that you overlooked or don’t know about.

Even if you have the potential to stand out from the crowd, you can still enhance your Tinder match every time you review your profile, photos, and even standards.

However, not getting swipes does happen from time to time for many reasons. So don’t be concerned! You aren’t getting matches because you don’t know how the Tinder algorithm works. 

Here’s what to do.

1. Limit your swipe

Tinder may assume that if you swipe right on every profile you see, you have no standards or, worse, that you are a bot.

So read the profiles, look at the pics, and figure out if this is someone you’d want to match with and whether they’re interested in the same things you are.

Also, make good use of any “super likes” you receive. A super like indicates your interest, and women appreciate knowing that.

Note: Amazing dating courses are available worldwide. If you want to be found on Tinder, do a crash course.

2. Write a better bio

When it comes to meeting women on Tinder, your bio is vital. It reflects your personality! 

Even the most basic bio wins over a blank one.

Write a few lines highlighting your passion, interests, and strengths. This way, you get more swipes. But, more importantly, a solid bio is vital when establishing communication.

Therefore, give her a good reason so she’ll drop a comment replying to your bio.

3. Review your standards

Have you raised the bar too high?

If yes, then it’s time to correct it.

Setting your preferences accurately has a significant effect.  It influences the number of women shown to you on Tinder and the number of women you are presented to.

Go to your profile settings and review your preferences. Keep it realistic.

4. Remain active

Tinder activity causes the algorithm to select suitable matches, displaying them to you and you to them.

Your match count will return after a few days of inactivity, but you must remain active to appear in people’s feeds.

If you used to get a few matches but now have none, consider becoming more active. Moreover, relationship experts who provide dating courses advise men to use the app more.

5. Show your best photos

Your photos speak up for yourself, especially on dating apps. It’s something you don’t want to get wrong!

Here are some things to consider to make your photos speak:

  • Choose good-quality photos.
  • Avoid group photos. (How can a girl identify you among your friends?)
  • Use proper lighting while clicking your selfies.
  • Display a safe and welcoming appearance through your photos.
  • Include at least three images. 
  • Keep a decent full-body photograph. 

Remember, excessively offensive or disturbing pictures turn most women off.

6. Use Tinder Boost

According to a Rakuten Insight poll on mobile dating apps performed in February 2022, around 59% of Singaporeans who used mobile dating apps said they used Tinder. (source)

With so many people on Tinder, it’s frustrating to not get swipes!

What will save you?

After correcting your profile, including your bio and photos, getting Tinder Boost can be your last improvement to get swipes.

It elevates your profile to the top of the list in your location for 30 minutes. You may choose the best plan based on your requirements (Plus, Gold, or Platinum) to take advantage of Tinder Boost.

Choose the right time to use it, mainly in the evening and at night. (source)

When it comes to Tinder and trying to improve the status of your matches, try these tactics and witness the results for yourself. Don’t take it personally if things don’t improve overnight. As mentioned earlier, dating courses are readily available to help make your Tinder journey successful.

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