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How To Use Your Fashion Sense To Attract Women

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Every person wants to appear attractive and organised in front of their dates. But, unfortunately, not everyone can bring it off like a pro! 

Since the beginning of time, men have struggled with the drive to look good and draw women to them. Undoubtedly, attracting a woman is much more overrated than attracting a man. However, guys these days put enough effort into appearance to impress their dates. 

Most women adore a particular style of clothing on guys. But, if you find it challenging to overcome rejection from women, take your time to change or upgrade your fashion statement. So, keep the following in mind while considering how to impress girls. 

Say yes to colours

When it comes to colour, girls are far more aware of it. Also, you should love colours other than only black, blue, and white to show off your masculine side. Life is full of vibrant colours! So make a place for them in your wardrobe!

For instance, 

  1. Wear clothes of soft colours. It will showcase that you are sensitive to women. 
  2. You can pull off an attractive look when wearing baby pink – the new black, as they say, these days. 
  3. A date can go your way if you choose light lemon yellow, sky blue, or light marine green outfit. 

Well-fitting clothes

You will undoubtedly turn off a woman at first glance if you choose to put on loosely fitted clothes with excess fabric around the armholes or on the chest. Do not do that! 

Wearing well-fitted outfits is crucial because it demonstrates that you have an eye for detail and know how to dress. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard and look like you’re trying too hard. Just make sure that your clothes fit well and compliment your physique. This will show that you’re confident and stylish, two qualities that are sure to impress any date.

Keep it simple but not too casual

Most women claim they prefer guys dressed formally to those wearing informal clothes. So, it’s better to keep things simple but not too casual! Of course, it means you shouldn’t always go out with a woman dressed in a tuxedo or a three-piece suit, but a collared shirt always looks better than the casual t-shirt you wear when hanging out with friends. 

A formally attired male on a date demonstrates his effort in getting dressed up and his sincerity in wanting to meet the girl. Women love that effort! Also, always keep your spending in check. Do not go for branded clothes from head to toe. Even a generic t-shirt and jeans look better. You may choose:

  1. White tees and jeans – not too tight or loose.
  2. A v-neck sweater – grey, olive green, or navy blue.
  3. A pair of cropped plaid trousers – goes with everything.
  4. Polo neck or mandarin t-shirt with cropped jeans – sophisticated yet simple.
  5. A combo of t-shirt, shirt, and jeans – standard for a casual dinner date.

Learn some etiquette 

Wearing fashionable clothes is not the only thing you should do to impress women. When you show them your effort, you will be able to attract their attention. It shows that you care for them and that meeting them means something special to you. 

  1. Wear clean and wrinkle-free outfits

Make sure your clothing is clean, almost wrinkle-free, and coordinated. Otherwise, you may appear unkempt and sloppy, as if you just took it off the hanger and wore it as is.

  1. Roll up your sleeves

Girls prefer this act if a guy carefully rolls up his shirt sleeves. For every event, roll up your sleeves for a smart-yet-casual style. This style is best if you have a tattoo or well-defined biceps.

Unbeatable add-ons 

Accessories are integral parts of fashion. These are essential add-ons you can not avoid. For instance,

  1. A pair of reading spectacles

It’s an instant style booster. Choose a pair of frames that go with your face and attire. It also enhances your eye contact with others. 

  1. Perfume to smell good

A crucial factor in luring a woman to you can be wearing a scent that is considered to be masculine. Put on the right perfume or cologne before going out on a date because the aroma will be noticed even before the clothes.

  1. Watch and belt

Make yourself look mature when dressing up with a suitable watch and belt. Choose a watch that looks classy on you and a belt with a normal-sized buckle.

  1. Jewellery for men

Yes, you may choose jewellery if you’re comfortable with it. However, keep it minimal, such as a simple silver chain. 

  1. Shoewear for the final touch

Your shoes give your entire outfit a final touch. On a date, wearing shoes that are well-fitted, cosy, and clean is appropriate. A formal outfit calls for formal shoes, and a casual one calls for casual shoes. 

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Now, it’s time to wrap things up. In short, you should choose comfortable clothes under your budget, add some accessories, and keep it clean and groomed. Always avoid overdressing! If you focus on how you dress, searching for a beautiful woman won’t take long!

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