When and Where To Approach Women

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There’s no question that one of the biggest challenges for men when it comes to dating is knowing when and where to approach women. If you’re like most guys, you probably feel anxious and unsure of yourself when it comes to making a move.

If your timing or location is off, you could wind up embarrassing yourself and ruining your chances with the girl you’re interested in. There are certain times and places where approaching women are more likely to succeed than others. Knowing when and where to approach women can help make the process less stressful and more successful.

When to approach women

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when to approach women, as the best time to do so will vary depending on the individual woman and the situation. However, here are some examples of when and when not to approach a girl you can follow to make the most successful approach possible:

  • If you see a girl sitting or standing and she looks relaxed, it is usually okay to approach her because those who show open body language and a positive mood tend to be more willing to have conversations.
  • If you notice that she has been sending several glances and/or smiles your way, it might be time to approach her. If this has been happening to you lately, there’s a good chance that the other person is interested in you.
  • If you see a girl who looks upset, it may be best to back off. She may be having a bad day, or she may not want to talk to anyone. Chances are, she just wants to be left alone. If you approach her anyway, you could end up making her feel worse.
  • If a woman is indulging in any activity then do not approach her. She may be engrossed in her work, reading a book, or lost in thought and not interested in engaging with a stranger. Respect her space and allow her to complete what she is doing. You may find that when she is finished, she will be more open to talking with you.

Where to approach women

Wherever you go, be it to a party, bar, or club, there are certain places where it is more advantageous for you to approach women. These locations can make it easier for you to start a conversation with a woman. Here are five of the best places to hit on women, so read on and get ready to start chatting them up! 

  • Local social gathering groups

    Women regularly attend these events, making them a great opportunity to connect with someone new. What’s more, people who attend these gatherings tend to be friendly and welcoming, making it easy to start conversations with others. 

  • Private Parties

    This can be a great place to approach a woman you’re interested in. Because it’s a smaller setting, people are often more relaxed and open to talking to others. 

  • Gym, yoga & dance classes

    Unlike a bar or club, these places offer plenty of opportunities for conversation.  

  • Community volunteer events

    In community volunteer programs, many women are there to help and support a good cause. This makes it the perfect place to approach them and potentially start a conversation.

  • Business networking events

    You may be thinking that networking events are just for business-minded people, but the truth of the matter is you can make some great connections and form friendships with other professionals at these types of functions.

If you can approach a woman in the right place and at the right time, your chances of success will be much higher. It is important to understand the different approaches that work at various times and in various settings. If you’re looking for dating advice, our experts at CGull can help. Our expert dating coaches will help you every step of the way with advice on everything from where to meet women, how to start conversations, and how to make a great first impression. 

Contact us today for more information or visit our website for helpful tips and articles.

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