How To Attract Women: The Shy Introverted Guy’s Guide

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How To Attract Women The Shy Introverted Guy’s Guide

If you are an introverted man who always finds it difficult to attract women, then believe that you are not alone. You fail to grab their attention because you do not know how to do it in the right way and not because you cannot! You may have heard advice emphasizing words or phrases such as party, nightclub, blind date, talk to new people, etc. But other people don’t understand that it’s challenging for introverted guys to do even the most straightforward task – talk!

Many men struggle to break out of their shells and be themselves around women. However, there are ways to overcome this and attract the woman of your dreams. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few ways to help you, regardless of your personality type. So read on, and start attracting the ladies today!

1. Stop following general dating tips

First, being a shy guy, it’s time to stop ingesting general dating tips. Most dating advice is for extroverts, which will not help you. The more you read it, the more you doubt your abilities. You may conclude that you are flawed or that approaching women isn’t your cup of tea. More importantly, it ignores the unique contribution you may make as an introvert.  

So, it’s better not to overfeed your brain with content not curated for introverted men like you. 

2. Discover your strong points as an introvert

You have your strong points, just like everyone has. For example, you are an introvert who is considerate, a good listener, and excellent at building relationships. Additionally, you understand a person more because you listen more than you communicate. 

Being unable to connect with others does not put you in the friend zone. You’re guessing it wrong! It’s because you’re stuck somewhere else and fail to attract or approach the woman you like. It’s the absence of something, not its existence, which makes you feel friend-zoned. 

Unfortunately, many introverted men continue to assume something is wrong with them, and men like them always feel uncomfortable in social situations among a bunch of extroverts. Because of this, they make care to mask their introversion by being extroverted, which only leads to out-of-control conduct and, eventually, humiliation. Don’t do that for your good! 

After all, it’s not a problem to become more reserved and shy than your close friends. A lack of confidence in both who you are and in yourself prevents you from attracting women. So, do not deny who you are! Instead, embrace your identity and take advantage of your plus points.

3. Take actions to attract 

Actions speak louder than words! Everyone knows that. Now, it’s time to implement the strategy to grab your favourite person’s attention. Whether or not it’s your first time meeting with a woman, be well-prepared for it. Following are some tips you can implement:

  • Style statement

No, you don’t have to be perfect like models! It’s about the clothing and accessories you pair up to look decent. Choose an outfit you’re comfortable in, wear a pair of shoes that go with that outfit, and enhance your style statement with a smartwatch on your wrist. See, it’s simple!

  • Tidiness

It gives you an extra point when meeting a woman. Also, your physical appearance goes up when you maintain tidiness. When your shoes are clean, you’re well groomed, you smell nice, you’re already in this game.

  • Careful with your body movements

Whether walking or sitting with a lady, be careful about your gestures; you cannot afford to look stressed, absent-minded or drained. But, on the other hand, show some confidence without showing arrogance.

If you feel nervous and stressed, know how to be calm on dates.

  • Eye contact flirting

Subtle eye contact with the lady sitting next to you or across the table can be a great starter to attract her. Look into her eyes, even if she is a stranger to you, and hold that eye contact. Most women appreciate when you perform this flirting. So, put a smile on your face and make friendlier eye contact. It should be welcoming but not creepy!

  • Try to meet them 

Try to put yourself in situations where you will have the opportunity to meet women. This could be anything from taking a class to volunteering at a local event.

  • Don’t be afraid to be mysterious

Women are often drawn to guys who aren’t easy to figure out. If you play your cards right, your introverted nature can work in your favour here. Keep her guessing by being vague about certain aspects of your life, and she’ll be even more intrigued.

  • Be confident

Despite your introverted nature, it’s important to project confidence when interacting with women. This doesn’t mean you have to be outgoing or pushy; simply believe in yourself and your ability to attract women.

The bottom line is that it’s not required to act the same way as extroverts do when around women. You don’t need to be noisy to attract a lady’s attention. Every woman is different and so are their likings. Choose a place where you can be yourself and express your thoughts and opinions more openly. Level up the attraction by holding her hands with love and gentleness!

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