Skip These Convo Starters On Your First Date

Skip These Convo Starters On Your First Date

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Ah, first date! They’re like a box of surprises, and you never know what you’re going to get!

They can be exciting, nervous, and sometimes funny. When trying to make a good impression, sometimes your brain takes a vacation and leaves your mouth in charge. 

To save you from those “oops” moments, we’ve created a list of first date tips on conversation starters you should avoid at all costs on your first date.

Get ready to take notes on what NOT to say when trying to impress your date! 

8 Convo Starters To Avoid In First Date

Skip These Convo Starters On Your First Date

1. “Do you believe in soulmates or destiny?”

Why to Avoid: Discussing soulmates and destiny dives into personal views on life, love, and fate, which can be too intense and philosophical for a first date.

Such questions can lead to awkward silences or heated debates if your opinions differ. 

Alternative: One of the first date tips is to discuss your dream vacations. Ask where they’ve traveled or where they’d like to go. This topic is fun and allows for imaginative conversation.

2. “Do you believe in horoscopes?”

Why to Avoid: Asking about horoscopes on a first date might not be the best idea because it can be a personal and sensitive topic. 

If one person really believes in astrology and the other doesn’t, it could lead to disagreements or make someone feel judged. 

Also, people have different opinions about them, and you might not know how your date feels about it, so bringing it up might turn a light conversation into a debate.

Alternative: It’s usually better to focus on getting to know each other’s personalities and experiences rather than discussing beliefs in horoscopes, especially when you’re just starting to get to know each other. 

3. “How do you see the roles of partners in a relationship?”

Why to Avoid: Don’t introduce traditional gender roles on a first date. 

It’s a deep and touchy subject where people have strong and varied opinions, which might lead to disagreements. 

Alternative: It’s better to focus on getting to know each other’s interests, passions, and personalities.

These topics are more likely to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, helping both of you feel more connected.

4. “Do you have any addictions?”

Why to Avoid: Discussing personal challenges can create a heavy atmosphere and might not help build a relaxed and open connection.

This kind of question delves into personal struggles that many may not feel comfortable discussing with someone they’ve just met.

Alternative: A good alternative might be to ask about their favorite relaxing ways. This allows you to learn about their interests and lifestyle in a friendly way. 

One of the first date tips is to ask what your date does for fun or to relax. This question invites your date to share hobbies or activities they enjoy, which can lead to a pleasant and engaging conversation.

5. “Do you live with your parents?”

Why to Avoid: Discussing whether someone lives with their parents on a first date can make them uncomfortable because it might seem like you’re judging their personal choices.

Everyone has different reasons for their living situation, such as financial benefits or cultural traditions.

Discussing this could be too personal when you’re just starting to get to know each other. 

Alternative: Instead of asking if someone lives with their parents, you could talk about what they like about the area where they live. 

It’s a way to learn about their tastes and preferences without getting too personal too quickly. 

6. “Do you think you’re ready for a serious relationship?”

Why to Avoid: Asking this question on a first date might be too forward because it assumes a level of seriousness that has yet to be established. 

This question can make the other person feel pressured to think about a future together before they’ve had a chance to get to know you. 

First dates generally involve discovering common interests and connections, not making long-term plans. 

Alternative: A useful first date tip is to chat about the best parts of your week, discuss the music you like, and share any new hobbies or skills you’ve picked up recently. 

These topics are fun and easy to discuss, helping you learn more about each other without getting too personal too soon.

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7. “Do you feel you have closure from your previous relationships?”

Why to Avoid: Asking about their ex on a first date can make things uneasy because it digs into personal and possibly painful history. 

This kind of question can bring up negative emotions and isn’t suitable for a first meeting. 

It’s better to focus on getting to know each other through positive topics and leave about past relationships for later.

Alternative: Discuss favorite foods or restaurants. 

Everyone loves talking about food, and it’s a great way to find shared tastes and possibly plan future dates.

8. “How many people have you dated before me?”

Why to Avoid: Asking about someone’s dating history on a first date can feel too intrusive and make the other person uncomfortable. 

It’s a personal topic that’s better suited for later conversations when you know each other better.

Alternative: Keeping things light and fun helps both of you relax and enjoy the date. 

Focusing on more general and positive topics creates a friendly atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and open.

Final Thoughts

First dates are about having fun and getting to know each other in a relaxed setting.

By following these first date tips, you can create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere and set the stage for a successful relationship.

If you need more personalized advice or first date tips, consider consulting a dating expert who can help you make the best impression and build meaningful relationships. 

Happy dating!

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