Tips To Start a Dating Conversation Smoothly

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Things can get especially tough if you have been with someone for a while and know pretty much everything about each other, and there is nothing new to share.

Having said that, every relationship is dependent on communication. Without effective communication, you cannot hope to have a successful relationship. It is important to talk with your partner to strengthen your relationship, and to bring you closer to one another. 

But, how do you go about this when you feel like you genuinely do not have anything to say to your partner, no matter how much you may want to?

Tips to start a dating conversation smoothly

Here are some tips on conversation starters that can help you if you find yourself struggling to come up with new topics to talk about:

1. Start with a compliment

When you have been with someone for a while, it often happens that you stop giving each other compliments, and appreciating each other. Complimenting your partner is a great way to make them feel special and to ignite – or re-ignite – the spark between you two.

Appreciating one another is necessary for a relationship to keep it going strong, and not let the other person feel like they are being taken for granted. A compliment is a great way to start any date night conversation on a happy note so that a joyful conversation can follow.

2. A simple ‘how was your day?’ does wonders

It may sound basic, but even a simple question like ‘how was your day?’ could be a great conversation starter and is a good way to share all the happenings of your day. When you ask someone how their day was, you are making the opposite person feel special, and are also unloading what all you experienced on that day. 

After all, who else would you want to share your troubles and joys with, if not with your partner?

3. Walk down the memory lane, together

When you feel like you do not have any new topics to talk about, or you may have exhausted all other conversation starter ideas, talking about the past, about how you met, asking each other what you first liked about one another, what made you fall for each other, etc. helps you relive the good ol’ days and brings you closer to each other, as this was a journey that you took together and only you two can understand what it was like. 

Also, when you talk about memories from the past, you can take a look at what all has changed, how far you have come in the relationship, how you can make improvements (if any), which can lead to whole new conversations altogether.

4. Talk about the latest movies or TV shows

With the rise of OTT platforms, there is no shortage of on-screen entertainment. More and more shows and movies are being released on these platforms and are gaining popularity for the same. This can also make way for a new conversation where you and your partner can talk about these shows, can make plans to watch them together, and also discuss the same after. 

Partaking in a new show together is fun and exciting as well, and is something to look forward to. This can also call for date nights, where you make time to watch them together.

It may seem like you run out of things to talk about, but many times you grow comfortable in the silence of each other as well. Making use of these ideas to start a conversation with your partner will help you increase the bond you have together, which is essential for every relationship. 

If you still find yourself struggling to start or to keep conversations going, you can simply contact us at CGull. We offer courses that will help you master your communication skills so that you will not have any communication gap with your partner.

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