What to Do Before and After a First Date – Tips for Men

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No matter how many times you have been on a date, it can always be nerve-wracking. From what to wear to where to meet up, there are so many decisions that need to be made before the big day finally arrives.

And then you have the post-date anxiety that starts building as soon as your date leaves. What did she think of me? Did I do something wrong? Will she want to go out with me again?

You cannot control what someone thinks of you. But there are things you can do before and after your first date that can increase the chances of making a good impression on her.

We have compiled a list of what you can do pre-date and post-date to help you increase your chances of a second date.

5 pre-date tips


1. Go shopping

Yes, going shopping before a first date is a really helpful way to prepare for your first date. Buying a new shirt or a new pair of pants before your first date can give you a little boost of confidence for the big day.

A new shirt will have a clean and crisp look that will make you look put together, instead of wearing an old shirt that could look faded or out of shape. 

2. Groom yourself

Make sure that your hair and beard game is on point for your first date. A shabby look will not impress her, but a well-groomed man will create a much stronger impression.

Get a haircut and if you have a beard, make sure that it is groomed well. But if you prefer it, a clean-shaven look never goes out of style. Either way, it should not look like you have just rolled out of bed and showed up for your date.

 So take the time to groom yourself and tidy up before meeting her for your first date.

3. Cut your nails

This point cannot be stressed enough, which is why it needs its own mention. Nothing puts off women like long and unkempt nails on men. Make sure that you take the time to cut and clean out your nails so that your hands look polished.

 Women notice the smallest of details when they are on a first date. If they see that you have long and dirty nails, it may not help in making a good impression on her. So having well-groomed hands and nails will only work in your favor.

4. Take a shower

It may sound obvious, but you would be surprised at how many guys skip taking a shower before their first date. Showering before your date is essential not only to maintain personal hygiene but also to not give out any body odor and put off your date when you meet her.

Women are attracted to men who smell good and clean. Post-shower, be sure to spritz on some intoxicating cologne to double impress your date. Go easy on the fragrance though, you do not want to bathe in perfume – a little often goes a long way. 

5. Plan ahead

Apart from taking care of yourself, take care of some details about the date too. Plan out how you want the date to go and take efforts to make it go that way. Carry some
conversation starters with you, so that it can save your date when you feel things are starting to get slow.

Carry some breath mints with you as well. In case things go extremely well and you lean in for the kiss, you do not want bad breath to steal the moment from you.

5 post-date tips


1. Follow up after your first date

If you still feel that you should wait for days to call her after your date, you are living out an outdated concept.

A follow-up is a must if you want to seal the deal and take things ahead. You can send her a message saying that you had a good time and that you would like to see her again. In fact, the best time to follow up is the next day after the date!

2. Do not spam her

Following up after a date is one thing, but overloading her with messages and calls will make things worse. 

You might think that messaging her every hour will keep her thinking about you all the time, but it can make you come off as clingy and annoying.

3. Make plans for a second date

Pay attention to what she said during your date, and make a mental note of it. You can later use that as a way to land a second date with her. Or, just simply ask her out again. 

Confidence impresses women, and they like it when men take charge of things. So, if you felt a connection, go ahead and ask her for a second date.

4. Make a romantic gesture

Not something too grand, but something sweet like sending her some flowers, or giving her a little gift based on something she had mentioned during your date.  

These little gestures will take her by surprise and make her feel special. But limit the amount of money you spend on the gift and do not over-send stuff to her. You want to woo her, not scare her.

5. Take things slow

Women do not like to be rushed into anything. It is very common for men to come off too strong, and that ends up ruining what could turn into something great.

Always take things slow, and observe how she is responding to you. She will appreciate you all the more if you respect her feelings and are not trying to rush into anything.

Dating is a daunting task. There are so many things to say and do that it can feel like you are navigating through an obstacle course blindfolded! Whether you just want some tips on how to impress your date or you need help getting over the fear of dating altogether, we have experts who can help.


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