If You’re Texting A Girl, How Can You Keep Her Interested?

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Texting is one of the most important ways to communicate when courting the girl of your dreams. But, as it happens, when done wrong, the conversation can soon become dry. You should know that the conversation needs to flow to keep the girl interested. 

It’s exciting to get a text from the girl you have your eyes set on, and you’ll wish for her to be just as excited when she gets your messages. So, how can you do that?

In this article, you will know how to keep the girl you’re talking to interested. 

Breaking the ice

You need to know how to break the ice. In other words, your first text should be anything other than a single greeting. A text that just says ‘hey’ can result in the driest conversation you will ever have. On the other hand, a thoughtful text allows for more discussion and, eventually, a means for you two to connect over things you both appreciate. 

Compliments 101

Everyone appreciates a compliment that causes them to feel better about themselves and the one who offers it to them. While texting, it’s good to toss in a compliment now and then. If you like this girl, you’ll have no trouble finding things to commend her on. You should intentionally tell her just how you admire her. It can be over the way she smiles, dresses, or talks.

Grammar is key

When dealing with feelings, texts can quickly get intense. Before you share anything important, proofread your texts. It is one thing to misspell a few words in a hilarious text, but it’s different when the conversation gets serious. Simple use of ‘don’t’ where it doesn’t belong can create a lot of miscommunications. 

Ask questions

It’s inevitable to reach a pause when texting someone. There’s only so much you talk about on one topic. Ask questions or bring up interesting subjects to learn more about the girl with whom you’re texting. Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, so make it so that she can answer the questions she finds fascinating. It’s critical to keep her interested in the conversation – this will make her realise you’re taking the time to text her and putting in the effort. 

A little flirtation

Once you’ve established your interest in the girl, it’s time to take things one step further. Flirty messages are an excellent approach to learning about a woman’s preferences in a relationship. While flirty messages can be entertaining, a line needs to get established to ensure she doesn’t feel awkward. Nevertheless, it’s a fun approach to show her how much you’re enjoying learning about her. 

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Texting is an excellent method for getting to know somebody better. However, whenever it concerns a love interest, ensure that you behave courteously, have fun, and be engaging. If you want to improve your communication skills with possible matches, CGull is the answer. Our dating classes are conducted by professional online dating coaches that understand your needs. 

For more information on our dating classes, don’t hesitate to contact CGull now.

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